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Portable Sinks For Daycare

The importance of hand washing is often taught at a young age – and for a good reason too. Proper hand washing in daycares and early childhood educational facilities helps to protect against the spread of many illnesses including the common cold. It’s estimated that the common cold is responsible for 22 million lost school days annually. In daycares hand washing also acts as a great first line of defense from more serious illnesses including: meningitis, hepatitis A, flu, and most types of infectious diarrhea. One of the biggest benefits of a daycare portable sink is to bring high quality handwashing to areas where it is needed most.

Since germs are transmitted in many different ways within a daycare, a child’s height portable hand wash sink helps to clean hands from germs spread through contaminated surfaces, contact with a sick child’s body fluids, contaminated water or food, and dirty hands from general playing within the facility or classroom. Often times kids come into contact with germs and unknowingly become infected from touching their eyes, nose or mouth.d

With the help of a portable daycare sink, handwashing can be readily available wherever and whenever it is needed. By keeping handwashing in the daycare classroom, it is easy for a child to wash his or her hands without having to leave the room and thus saving a separate trip to the restroom. Overall, self-contained child height sinks are a convenient way for children to keep their hands clean and stay healthy.

Portable Sinks For Daycare
Jonti Craft

Jonti-Craft is a leader in early childhood furniture. Every product produced features specially crafted materials that add long lasting strength and durability. Jonti-Craft portable sinks have rounded edges and corners, sturdy dowel-pin construction, ultraviolet acrylic coating, full-length piano hinges, heavy-duty casters with three-point connection brackets, and are fully Green Guard Certified and NSF approved. Jonti-Craft’s four child height sinks include the 1360JC, 1361JC, 1361JC011, and 1360JC011. Each one of these portable hand wash sinks are 24” tall and have a five gallon fresh water tank and six gallon waste water tank. Every Jonti-Craft sink comes standard with hot water.


Meet the specific handwashing needs of your daycare or children’s classroom with a wide variety of Monsam portable sinks. These units range in size and functionality to give you the ultimate customization in terms of a portable sink. Ranging from a height of 20” to 30” tall, Monsam sinks come in many different colors and have multiple basin options. Each unit comes standard with hot water and safety-locking caster for easy mobility. Meet licensing and health requirements in preschool centers with Monsam portable sinks from PortableHanwashing.com today.