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Choosing The Right Portable Sink

There are many options to consider when choosing the right portable sink for your specific application. Depending on where you plan to use your portable handwashing station, the right product and brand can make all the difference for getting the most out of your new portable sink. PortableHandwashing.com makes finding the best sink easy with a wide selection of styles and options from the industry's leading manufacturers including: PolyJohn, Monsam, Crown Verity, and Jonti-Craft handwashing stations. Follow the information below to help find the right portable sink for you.

1. Indoor or Outdoor?

The first option to consider when choosing a portable sink is to decide where you will be using the unit. Do you need a portable sink for outdoor use, or do you plan to use your handwashing station in the indoor? It's important to note that any portable sink that can be placed outside/made with the outdoors in mind can also be used for indoor use (keep in mind this might not always be aesthetically pleasing). In contrast, you wouldn't want to use a portable sink made specifically for the indoors for outdoor usage.

For outdoor use, there are two different brands to consider: PolyJohn and Monsam. For many years PolyJohn's PSW1-1000 has been the industry standard for handwashing. PolyJohn outdoor portable sinks come with built in soap dispensers and paper towel dispensers. Monsam portable sinks for outdoor use are a compact, easy to transport option. Monsam portable sinks come in a wide variety of style and sizes to best meet the needs for your application.

2. Do you need hot water?

The next option to think about is whether or not you need hot water for handwashing. Although there is a common misconception that hot water works better to get bacteria off your hands compared to cold water, the hot water actually needed to kill bacteria would actually be way too hot to be comfortable for use in terms of handwashing. However, with that being said warm water is often times a preferred option for handwashing – all Jonti-Craft sinks come standard with on-demand hot water systems. On the other hand, not all portable sinks come with hot water options – keep an eye out for the warm water logo oneach of the individual PolyJohn, Monsam and Crown Verity portablehand wash stations product pages.

Warm Water
Cold Water

3. Who will be using the portable sink?

Consider who will be using the portable sink. Both Monsam and Jonti-Craft have specially designed children's height portable hand wash sinks. These units are a great option to bring handwashing to classrooms, daycares and other areas where children are present. For food service, consider the stainless steel constructed Crown Verity sink. These mobile hand wash stations are an industry favorite for portable washing for everything food service and catering related. For the biggest variation of sink dimensions and water tank capacities, consider Monsam portable sinks.

4. Choose a portable sink category?

Lastly, let the categories provided within PortableHandwashing.com help you – choose between our portable sink categories including: Indoor, Outdoor, Daycare & Kids, Food Service, Commercial, Health & Beauty, by brand and lastly (and a little off topic) Hand Sanitizer Stations. Typically, it is easy to pick out a product if you know what kind of application it is going to be used in.

PortableHandwashing.com strives to make choosing the right portable sink easy. Contact our experts today or send us an email and our team will be glad to help you out. We have all the top brands of portable sinks to help you bring handwashing wherever it is needed – indoors, outdoors and everywhere in between.