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Cold Water Sinks

Cold Water Portable Sinks

One of the biggest benefits of some cold water portable handwashing stations is that absolutely no power is required (unless they require a pump). This means that you can bring handwashing to virtually any location where a sink is needed. Crown Verity, PolyJohn and Monsam cold water self contained sinks feature easy mobility through light plastic designs or durable casters / rubber treaded wheels. It is also important to note that cold water handwashing with regular soap can be just as effective as hot water handwashing in terms of removing dirt and killing bacteria. Hot water from a sink tap isn't enough to make a difference - cold water is substantial for proper hand hygiene. By eliminating the need for a GFCI plug or on-demand hot water heater, cold water portable sinks offer a lower priced alternative to bringing high quality hand washing to areas where it is needed most.