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Portable Restrooms

PolyJohn Portable Toilets

Find the biggest selection of PolyJohn Portable Restrooms at PortableHandwashing.com. Portable Toilets are a great option for areas where a temporary restroom is needed including: construction sites, farmer’s markets, concert venues and many other outdoor locations.


Constructed of heavy-duty polyethylene, portable restrooms are specially designed to withstand heavy use at public events and harsh weather conditions. Buy portable toilets to save money – the cost of seasonal rental agreements add up over time making it a smart decision to purchase portable restrooms. PolyJohn public restrooms come in many different color options and styles – choose between 13 different colors to meet the specific needs of your outdoor event. Regardless how big or small of an outdoor event you’re looking to supply outdoor portable toilets, PortableHandwashing.com goes above and beyond to provide the best deals on portable restroom toilets and sinks.