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Monsam Portable Sink Information  

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Fresh Water Tank Capacity
Each 5-gallon Monsam water tank provides an estimated 80 handwashings before the tank needs to be refilled with water. One way to increase the amount of handwashings per 5-gallon tank is to include the optional foot switch or motion sensor. Both of these accessories help to conserve water. It’s important to note that a few Monsam sinks have 6-gallon water tanks. Both 5-gallon and 6-gallon tanks can be purchased if extra clean water tanks are needed.

Refilling Empty Water Tanks
Refilling your empty water tank is easy. Simply take out the tank from within the sink cabinet and use clean water to fill the tank back up. Take advantage of accessories such as the folding handcart and flex tube to make this process quick and easy. The flex tube connects the fresh tank to any standard faucet pain free refilling.

NSF Certification and ADA Complaint Monsam Sinks
Monsam offers both NSF certified and ADA complaint sink models. Look for the NSF certification logo at the product level at PortableHandwashing.com. NSF certified units help to meet the Health Department requirements in many locations. Most Monsam portable sinks are 39” high or less – this helps to comply with the American Disabilities Act.

Monsam Portable Sink Options & Accessories
Choose from wide variety Monsam portable sink accessories including: foot switches, drain boards, garden hose connectors, soap dispensers and water filters.

Sink Basin Measurements
The depth of each Monsam sink basin varies depending on what model your looking at. PortableHandwashing.com provides a detailed product description and diagram of every sinks specific dimension.

Water Heater and Pump Amps
Depending on the specific model, it takes approximately .7 Amps for the water pump and between 15-20 Amps for the water heater to work properly. The water temperate can take anywhere from 1 to 8 minutes depending on the individual sinks specifications.

Dirty “Gray” Water
Gray water is a term used in the portable handwashing industry to describe the dirty water that goes through the drain into the waste water tank within the sink cabinet. Monsam self contained sinks have uniquely designed tubing systems that allow clean water to be efficiently pumped into the faucet and waste water to be drained into the dirty water holding tank or an outside drain system.

Electrical Requirements
Most Monsam portable sinks require electricity for the water pump and water heater to work properly. As mentioned above, it takes approximately .7 Amps for the water pump and between 15-20 Amps for the water heater. However, there are a few units that do not require any electricity. These units include: the foot pump activated PSF-101, the 12 volt DC batter operated PSE-2006B, the hand pump operated PSE-2008, and the propane powered PRO-01.

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