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The Benefits of Portable Handwashing Sinks

One of the biggest benefits of a portable sink is to provide high-quality handwashing wherever it may be needed. As an important first line of defense against germs, portable sinks are becoming a popular (and often required) option in areas where traditional sinks are not available. Recently, providing an outdoor handwashing option is gradually becoming the norm at festivals where food is available. Although hand sanitizer options are often an easy alternative, hand washing is by far the best way to prevent germs from coming in contact with users. In addition, high quality indoor portable sinks are the best alternative for indoor settings where traditional sinks are unavailable. An indoor portable handwashing station is a great option for catering, food service applications, medical and health facilities, classrooms and other indoor locations that require handwashing.

Hand washing recommendations can often vary from one county to another in terms of what qualifies as proper ratio of sinks to portable toilets. A typical county Health Department may recommend one hand-washing station for every five portable toilets at a festival or outdoor event. This can often vary from the size and popularity – generally speaking, the more people you have using portable restrooms in areas where food is available, the more portable sinks you should provide. The new requirement of portable sinks becoming part of health code inspection checklists at outdoor event settings is becoming popular across the United States. Health Departments are pushing the idea that although they can't ensure everyone is going to wash their hands, they at least want to give everyone an opportunity to wash their hands though portable sink options.

PolyJohn portable sinks from PortableHandwashing.com provide a built-in soap dispenser as well as paper towel dispenser. The PolyJohn PSW1-1000 portable sink is one of the most popular outdoor handwashing options – it features built in wheels for easy maneuverability at various outdoor events, job sites and professional settings. Another option to consider is the Monsam Portable Sinks. A vast majority of these sinks come standard with hot water on-demand systems and work great for: catering events, food vendors, beverage serving, festivals, decks and garages, playgrounds and trade shows.

Indoor portable sinks act as a traditional sink but provide the versatility of easy mobility for handwashing wherever it is needed. Monsam, Crown Verity and Jonti-Craft indoor sinks are a great option for classrooms, foodservice and other indoor locations. Portable sinks help to stop the spread of numerous illnesses by eliminating germs through basic hand washing hygiene. Indoor handwashing makes it easy for users to wash their hands when: preparing food or eating, giving medicine, caring for a sick or injured person, removing/putting in contact lenses, handling garbage, using household chemicals, and for use after touching anything that could be contaminated.

Washing hands with a portable sink is essentially the same type of handwashing experience a user gets from a traditional sink. It is commonly recommended that a person washing their hands should lather up with soap for roughly 20 seconds, make sure to get between the fingers and around the nails, wash the wrists, and rinse and dry well with a clean towel. It's important to keep in mind that antibacterial soap is no more effective at killing germs compared to regular soap. Portable Sinks are the next best thing compared to traditional sinks in areas where standard handwashing is not available. For everything portable handwashing related, choose the expertise and best prices online at PortableHandwashing.com

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