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How Monsam Portable Sinks Work

Step 1: Fill & Place

Fill up the fresh water tank with clean water. Once the tank is filled to an appropriate level, place the fresh water tank inside the sink and connect it within the Monsam unit. Depending on what Monsam portable sink model you have, the fresh water tank will range from 5, 10, 14 or 30 gallons.

Step 2: Plug in Unit

Simply plug in the electric cord and your Monsam sink is ready to go. Monsam sinks should be connected to a standard 110V 20 Amp US standard outlet. It’s important to note that even if you're not planning on using any hot water, the unit still needs to be plugged in to a power source so the pump can pump cold water through the sink.

Step 3: Test Your Unit

Testing your Monsam portable sink is easy. Simply turn the faucet handle and the pump will automatically force hot or cold water (depending on what faucet handle you turn) through the sink and out of the faucet. Keep in mind it can take between 1 to 8 minutes (depending on the size of the sink) for the water to heat up completely.

Step 4: Your Monsam Sink is Operational

At this point your portable sink is good to go! Enjoy the flexibility of portable handwashing wherever it is needed. Clean water is pumped from the fresh water tank, through the faucet, and then goes back into the unit through the drain into the gray water tank

Step 5: Emptying Waste Water

Assuming your Monsam sink is fitted with a 5-gallon (most common) fresh water tank, after roughly 80 handwashings your sink will be running low on clean water. This is a good time to consider emptying your waste water tank. Simply remove the gray water tank from within the unit and empty it in an appropriate area. It’s important to note that the dirty water tank will have soap and other minor debris in it. Check with your local health regulations if you’re concerned with where you can empty your used water. Once the empty gray water tank is connected to the unit, start over with Step One: Fill & Place.