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Portable Sink NSF Certification

At PortableHandwashing.com we strive to provide the best resources and information you need to purchase a portable sink with complete confidence. Read below to find out everything in terms of NSF certification and what it means for our NSF badged portable sinks to be classified as such products:

NSF International is a global independent public health and environmental organization based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan. The overall goal of the organization is to provide development standards, certification of products, testing, auditing, education and risk management services for public health and the environment. According to the official NSF website: “Since 1944, NSF International, an independent, not-for-profit organization has been committed to making the world a safer place for consumers.”

In terms of our portable sinks, the NSF certification mark is undoubtedly a sign of quality and unmatched durability. You will only find the NSF logo on manufacturers whose products and services have been thoroughly tested to meet the highest standards set by the NSF organization for food and water related products and services. As a third-party testing institution, NSF is the only organization to sustain a complete evaluation of every aspect of a product's development before it can earn the NSF certification – this includes product testing, material analyses, and complete evaluation of product development from start to finish. As a comforting fact for the consumer, NSF certification is not a one time deal – products go through multiple tests and require regular on-site inspections at manufacturing facilities. Going even further into product testing, all NSF certified portable sinks are often re-tested against the requirements of the most up to date version of the applicable national standards. If the product fails any aspect of this re-testing, NSF takes whatever measure necessary to protect the public – this includes: product recall, public notification, or even de-certification.

A selected few Monsam sinks meet the requirements of the applicable national standard – health officials for product compliance of sanitation codes fully recognize this certification both nationally and internationally. Go above and beyond to meet the needs of portable handwashing with high quality NSF certified Monsam portable sinks from PortableHandwashing.com. Still have questions or need helping choosing a portable handwashing station? Call our experts today or send us an email and our team will be glad to assist you. We strive to provide the best products and expertise you need to bring handwashing to wherever it is required.