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PortableHandwashing.com is the leader of online portable sink products. We specialize in portable handwashing stations from the industry's top manufacturers for both indoor and outdoor applications. Take an in-depth look into one of our most popular outdoor heated portable sink models: PolyJohn GrandStand PSW1-2100.

PolyJohn GrandStand PSW1-2100

Easy Maneuverability:
Lightweight rubber tread wheels and a built-in handle allow for easy maneuverability wherever a hot water portable sink is needed. Over the years we've seen outdoor sinks purchased for various outdoor occasions including: farmer's markets, festivals, worksites, agriculture sites, and food service applications.

Liquid Soap Dispenser and Paper Towel Dispenser:
Take advantage of easy maintenance through the PSW1-2100's liquid soap dispenser and paper towel dispenser. Simply fill the soap dispenser by pressing up on the tabs at the rear of the lid – from there fill the dispenser with 30 fluid ounces of liquid soap and snap the lid back on. Choose between single or multi fold, as well as roll towel options for paper towel dispensing. Regardless what option you choose, be sure the width of the paper towel does not exceed 9-1/2”.

Easy to Fill:
Filling the PSW1-2100 is easy – simply unscrew the 1” fill plug located at the right-hand side of the unit. From there insert a standard garden or similar type hose to fill the PolyJohn with a few gallons of water and do a quick system check. This is achieved by pushing down on the foot pump a few times to “prime” the unit. If everything seems to be working properly continue filling the portable sink to the top (17 gallon capacity) and tighten the plug back on when finished.

GFCI Protected Heater:
The PolyJohn PSW1-2100 is a one-person portable sink that features a 110 volt heater that runs on a 15 Amp power supply – this can be achieved through a standard wall outlet. The PolyJohn's build in thermostat allows the unit to maintain a water temperature of 110 degrees (it may take up to one hour to heat the water depending on the temperature of water that goes into filling the water tank).

Construction & Operation:
Overall, the PolyJohn GrandStand PSW1-2100 is one of our favorite outdoor hand washing sinks. Between easy sink set-up and transportability, this heated PolyJohn portable sink is a great option. Constructed with UV protected LDPE plastic, the PSW1-2100 portable sink comes fully assembled and ready for the outdoors.

The foot pump operation allows for high-quality hands-free washing.